ReloShield Tall

Need a little more height coverage or want to be extra careful? Tall ReloShields are perfect for you. Great for shorter desks or taller people that need that height boost. Tall shields are a more than a foot higher than our regular size, helping put anyone’s mind at ease with its extra germ and virus protection. With its light weight and easy to grip handle, this shield is perfectly portable. Take it from meeting to meeting, keeping your clients and yourself germ-free. They’re available in white or clear. The minimum order amount is 25 shields. The additional features available can be found below. Dimensions: 25″ W x 36″ H x 7.5″ D  

ReloShield Pricing (Min order of 25)- 

  • 25 ReloShields - $88/each

  • 50 ReloShields - $80/each

  • 100 ReloShields - $70/each

  • 500 ReloShields - $65/each

Plus Tax + Shipping/Handling


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ReloShield Fillable Form 

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