ReloShield Custom

These made-to-order ReloShields are perfect for offices that want a specific custom solution to their office layout. Do you have sit-to-stand desks? Do you need to raise your cube walls for safety? These are a great option. They’re available in white or clear. Dimensions vary and can fit whatever you need. The additional features available and pricing can be found below. For any other size or customizations, please let our team know those details in their Inquiry Form email. 

Order, get a quote, or get more information for your new office solution today! Please fill out the form below using the provided fillable fields, save it as a new file, and send it to our team at  

ReloShield Fillable Form 

Any details that don't fit on this form? Please include it in your email to our team. Any questions? Please contact customer service at 888-403-8448 or email