To help businesses get back to doing what they love, Kem-Shield and ReloShield have partnered up to bring you a universal office solution.  

We can help you keep employees and teams safe! Check out our affordable and recyclable solution. These cubes are temporary and can be easily installed. Go to each product page to get more information about each model.  

According to a poll done by Cisco, with dimensional research cited in IBJ, “Almost all of the respondents were uncomfortable returning to work because they fear contracting the virus, the poll found.” However, according to Cushman Wakefield, about 87% of high-level executives believe working in the office is critical for employee communication and culture. One way that you can help keep your employees productive, communicative, and safe is with our cubes.

Per OSHA Guidelines, a key consideration for planning and preparing your workplace is implementing workplace controls like setting up barriers, such as partitions and shields, between workspaces. 

Prices range from $95-$150, per cube, based on size, quantity and layout, as well as features. Features that can be included are: windows (36 width x 14 tall) and plastic or metal feet.  

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