Your Safety is our Concern!

Two Billion Hands Sanitized!

Over 57 million ounces of hand sanitizer have been produced to protect our customers… that’s OVER 2 BILLION clean hands!

Each sanitizer product label contains a FDA NDC# that links the product to the registration policy.

From Hospitals to Retail Stores

The Kem-Shield team has helped numerous industries safely reopen with our sanitization solutions. Click the button below to contact the Kem-Shield team if you need assistance with a customized package.

Why Choose Us?

When cleanliness and safety counts... Kem-Shield places taking care of our families and community as a top priority. Which is why we are offering a full line of essential sanitizing and disinfecting products. Click the button below to learn more about Kem-Shield.


We ship to the continental 48 states. Shipping times may vary with holidays or carrier routes.