Kem Krest has teamed up with Bioesque and many OEMs to offer dealerships throughout the United States a safe, clean and effective disinfecting solution.

Bioesque is an EPA registered, ready to use, no rinse, non-toxic formula that is effective against human coronavirus in under 5 minutes of disinfecting.

Available in 32oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 Gallon Sizes.

Ask your OEM to order Bioesque from Kem Krest today!

Dealer Testimonials: What They’re Saying!

“Every time a customer car comes in we spray the car down the outside door handle & inside parts mostly where people touch. We use it to be preventative for our employees and to also protect our customers. Our janitorial staff cleans with it as well.”
Juan Parts Manager
Michael Stead’s Hilltop Chrysler
Richmond, CA
“We use it every day, I think it works. We use it in service, parts and show room. Were able to spray it on clothes, fabrics with no discoloration. I am no scientist but we have not had any cases of covid. It has an odor to it that lets you know we're using it.”
Mike T. Parts Manager
Blaise Alexander Chrysler
College, PA
“We're using Bioesque on all of our cars and no one has been sick. We haven't experienced any complaints. As far as when we run out we will definitely purchase Bioesque in the future.”
Kris S. Parts Manager
Sawyer Motors
Saugerties, NY