How to Host a Safe Business Meeting

A successful business meeting can set the right tone and atmosphere for your next big project while giving participants the opportunity to inspire and collaborate together, especially when the meeting is held in-person. Face to face meetings help make focusing easier; are more productive; and lead to stronger, more meaningful business relationships.  

After a year of remote meetings, Zoom calls, and distancing, our teams are ready to get back to in-person meetings - but we want to do it safely.  

It’s safe to say that after a year of remote meetings, Zoom calls, and distancing, we’re all ready for a little more face to face collaboration; and with a full year of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) experience in the books, we have some great suggestions for planning your next business meeting. Of course, there are always CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines and recommendations to take into consideration and we’ll walk you through those, as well.  

First, and most importantly, you’ll want to choose a location to hold your meeting. Consider hosting your meeting outdoors or in an open space with ample ventilation. Opening windows and utilizing stand-up fans to circulate clean air creates a fresh, inviting environment in addition to being safer for your meeting attendees. Consider how your meeting attendees will enter and sit in the room; is there plenty of room for everyone with a few feet in-between? The CDC recommends keeping six feet of distance between each seat. Check for bottlenecks at entries and exits where folks tend to congregate and create traffic flow signage to keep them moving.  

Next, you’ll want to offer plenty of hand sanitizer, touchless dispensers, and face masks to your meeting attendees. If your meeting consists of multiple tables, consider having a small bottle of sanitizer on each table, or even in front of each seat. This is also a great spot to offer hand sanitizing wipes and/or disinfecting wipes, and encourage your attendees to utilize those products before the meeting begins.

Think beyond the room that you are holding the meeting in and consider setting up touchless hand sanitizer stations on dispenser stands at the entrance and exit points, bathroom facilities, coffee preparation and snack break areas, elevators, and staircases. You can also require your staff to wear medical-grade gloves when tidying up the meeting room before and after guests arrive.

Use a disinfecting spray or disinfecting wipes to coat the tables and chairs after the meeting ends. These days, you can get these products in bulk to save your organization some cash. Your organization may also want to utilize more high-tech and novel ways of keeping your workforce and meeting attendees safe, such as easy-to-install UV-C Active Airflow Fixtures. These handy fixtures are cost-effective because your organization will get multiple uses from them over many years, just remember to change the filter!