Kem-Shield Partners with St. Joseph County to Bring a Safer Tomorrow

As we all know, it’s super important to stay as clean and healthy as we can. In public places, it’s more of a challenge to keep up our guard and protect yourself. To make sure their buildings and its constituents are germ-free, St. Joseph County Government of South Bend, IN needed to find a way to make its sanitization more effective.  

Throughout their search, our Kem-Shield team was able to get in contact with them. Our experts in Indiana were able to review what the government buildings were doing in the fight against germs. After their careful analysis, they found a new method that St. Joseph hadn’t tried yet and formulated a solution that would fix a gap in their defenses.  

Research indicates that most viruses and bacteria are spread by breathing airborne particles. Further studies show that ultraviolet light is effective in eradicating these germs and bacteria. This new answer to their quest was our own UV-C Active Airflow fixtures, mentioned by the Harvard Whitepaper and the CDC as one of the only advanced air quality technologies that can fight SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Our UV-C technology has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of COVID-19, as well as all other airborne viruses and bacteria. The fixture is designed to circulate the room’s air several times through encapsulating UV-C light. This process eliminates pathogens and reduces the viral load in the protected room.

On August 4th of 2021, St. Joseph County Government installed 16 UV-C Active Airflow fixtures in their main council chambers and conference rooms from the team at Kem-Shield. To continue aiding this organization, Kem-Shield is pleased to partner with the St. Joe County Government. They can rest easy knowing that the UV-C units will protect the public and make them feel comfortable interacting face-to-face while in a germ-free environment.  

The UV-C Active Airflow fixture replaces one (2’x4’) or two (2’x2’) ceiling tiles. If there is no dropped ceiling, the fixture can be mounted or suspended. The UV-C Active Airflow unit can be installed into standard commercial ceiling grids located in most office buildings, schools, and medical facilities. Check out our installation procedure here.

“The installation was quick and went off without a hitch,” said Rudy Yakym III, Director of Growth Initiatives at Kem Krest. “Kem-Shield is pleased to partner with the St. Joe County Government as we work to bring people back together in a safe environment.”  

“This is such an exciting partnership between Kem Krest and St. Joe County as we continue to find ways to keep our facilities safer for our staff and the public. This is another important step the County is taking to further minimize the effects and spread of COVID, and to allow expanded meetings to take place safely” said Andy Kostielney, President, Board of Commissioners.  

If your company or organization is looking for an effective sanitization technology, you can get more information about this wonderful unit here. See all of the proven data of how this unit works and what it can do to help you!  

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