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Kem-Shield is an innovative solutions-driven company that distributes a wide array of health and safety products including hand sanitizers, surface disinfectants and many application accessories to help keep the world safe from viruses and germs. “How much hand sanitizer does my company need? How do I know what disinfectant product works best?” While the current global pandemic brings uncertainty, you can trust Kem-Shield to take the friction out of planning and procuring those high quality health & safety products for your company, team or individual needs. We call this our SaaS model: Sanitizer as a Service! Whether it’s hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant, or an accessory to dispense it... we have a customized solution ready for you! We’ve made it easy!
Kem-Shield, a division of Kem Krest LLC, was formed out of the desire to create a sanitization solution for our community during a global pandemic.

Private Label Opportunities! 

Do you need a solution branded specifically for your business? The possibilities are endless: we can quote a customized private label solution from: design/branding, filling (2oz to bulk), kitting and distribution. Let the Kem-Shield team help plan the right private label solution that fits your business needs. We’d love to talk with you, please email or call us to set up an appointment!


Did you know?

Kem-Shield is a division of Kem Krest LLC - a certified Minority Owned Business (MBE) that provides Total Program Management through our Supply Chain, Aftersales, Chemical Packaging and Fulfillment Solutions. Kem Krest has 12 facilities based in North America and manages and markets customer branded parts, chemicals and accessories on behalf of OEMs within the Automotive, Agricultural/Industrial, Powersports, and Defense industries. A core value at Kem Krest is Impact - we strive to make a positive impact for our customers, associates and our community. The team at Kem-Shield also shares this core value - community is everything!

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