Kem-Shield is a solutions-driven company that distributes a wide array of health and safety products. These products include hand sanitizers, sanitizer sprays, surface disinfectants, botanical disinfectant solutions, antibacterial hand gel, as well as sanitizer wipes and UV sterilization. Kem-Shield also provides a large variety of sprayers, gloves, disinfecting equipment and accessories to effectively reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses and germs.

Your Safety is our Concern!

Two Billion Hands Sanitized!

Over 57 million ounces of hand sanitizer have been produced to protect our customers… that’s OVER 2 BILLION clean hands!

Each sanitizer product label contains a FDA NDC# that links the product to the registration policy.

From Hospitals to Retail Stores

The Kem-Shield team has helped numerous industries safely reopen with our sanitization solutions. Click the button below to contact the Kem-Shield team if you need assistance with a customized package.

Why Choose Us?

When cleanliness and safety counts... Kem-Shield places taking care of our families and community as a top priority. Which is why we are offering a full line of essential sanitizing and disinfecting products. Click the button below to learn more about Kem-Shield.


We ship to the continental 48 states. Shipping times may vary with holidays or carrier routes.